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1st Jun 2016, 4:54 PM
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The Problem With My Logic: Trying to Publish Minecraft Fans Before Lives of Mining

by Hindbodes on 14th Jun 2019, 2:44 PM
You probably didn't expect this at all, but I have a rather strange announcement to make about my present and future comics. You know how I had that logic where that flowchart of things that had to be done went Crack Putty ending > saving up for a new PC to build > making PC and putting better illustration software on it > Starting on Minecraft Fans because Lives of Mining was to be taken up more carefully by a better artist than my present-day self ?

Well, it looks like I planned it out all wrong, and defied my own reason. Minecraft Fans is no longer what I dump lesser artwork on so that the next Minecraft comic will be better. Lives of Mining is more likely to fill that role now.
I spent so long working on Minecraft Fans' story and its characters, world, and nuances, that it totally became the superior and more-precious series of the two. Put simply, Minecraft Fans is no longer next up. Lives of Mining is because it's not actually as good. I don't know how, but somehow I went over and over details trying to make sure that Minecraft Fans was perfect shiz, and didn't let it occur to me that it might not be the comic that shouldn't have the technology of my future applied to it.
Lives of Mining is way less fragile and can take hits from my clumsy 2015-2019 hands of art, and somehow it didn't occur to me just how much more I like MF than I like LoM. You know what else that means, knowing that LoM artwork just isn't as important as the pedestal I put it on...? Oh dear, I think you know. Buying new software for a new machine is not important for Comic Series #3 anymore. I could start Lives of Mining next week if I wanted to. I don't even know if Adobe Animate is better than Flash 8 anyway, I probably misplaced my eggs there too.

So, here's the link to Lives of Mining. I'm going to start drawing full comics in Flash again very soon, even though Lordbox is MIA, and they will be about Minecraft. This comes at the expense of Cobbledump, but... fuck Cobbledump, Cobbledump came at comics' expense too. Revenge.
Subscribe to both, and you'll see new stuff when you see new stuff. Cobbledump will slow down for sure, but it won't stop or cancel in any way. More details will be there in a proper Cobbledump announcement too.

For now... look forward to one of the most creative and hard-logic-systemmed comics there has been about Minecraft so far. Lives of Mining doesn't just let itself get away with things that Minecraft player avatars are incapable of doing for no pretold reason. The nature of LoM's universe is very much regulated and explained by lore.

It's not as hard to do that as it will be to keep Minecraft Fans' AU timeline in check.

Year Four January 12: A Year Goes Missing, A Game Dev Awakens, And Now...

by Hindbodes on 12th Jan 2019, 7:18 PM
Alright, I forgot to update this blog for all of 2018, it's been two years since Crack Putty had a normal update, I created more than one freaking videogame, and Minecraft Fans still doesn't exist. Well here's where we are. I have the computer parts, I'm in Australia, nothing is in my way, Lordbox will be built. Minecraft Fans will have its first phase of comics very soon, and after that I'll finally be able to update Crack Putty. Check out my next filler page and PEACE OUT.

Year Two September 11: Storage Money

by Hindbodes on 11th Sep 2017, 3:25 PM

A lot has happened since the last time I added a new post in the author blog. My first "weaponized" painting was completed, ol' Wardos suffered a heartbreak, I launched a Minecraft Realms server, and two of my most monumental pet mice died. I even happen to be reorganizing whole sectors of my room right now. Watch this, I'll assemble the shelves.

Wow, that was hellish. Towards the start, I mean. I got carried away and loaded numerous things onto it once the boards were on pins, listening to Spyro music.

Anyway, I think it's time for some more exposure on the situation with Minecraft Fans.
Still going! Writing and drawing this webcomic is still very much on my agenda, but there are obstacles. For one thing, the motherboard I chose and was looking at online turned out to be too big to fix in my Zalman case, basically. Now it's not listed on the website so all the specifications displayed there are also gone. I think it was... intel? An intel PC part?
Either way, I can still find more parts to get, and hopefully buy this time - the only thing is that I need a more experienced person's guidance while doing it. I happen to have way more money saved up for a motherboard than I really needed to, and am almost at $600 in that account now. Only thing is, at that point I didn't realize that I also immediately afterward needed to secure a CPU. Which is less cheap. Significantly. But I think that once I get my ass into gear and find those guys so I can get their help browsing for the RIGHT processe- holY SHIT THE hail landed in my room! Okay, the weather is a bit crazy. It's storming around here and some hail ice bounced off where the window comes in and landed all the way on the left side of my desk. Whatever, on to the next part.

No doubt you've heard about this. If you care about legacy Internet creativity at all. Flash is being killed off. All the games, movies, and toys and stuff that package in the .swf format will be apparently unsupported by 2020. Ouch, that 2020, what a year. Climate change destroys first world countries, political foundations break, and Trapped 5 gets removed.
Now, that sucks, but the problem facing me right now is less about those, and more about how I'm going to make Index 1, and if I want to make it at all. My plan for Index 1, when I finally got the Actionscript 3 to make it, was, you guessed it, a .swf file. Comicfury supports those and I planned to make use of it with a custom archive for all the Minecraft Fans pages which took proper care of the way its story is separated into chapters. Problems I imagined not doing this would cause are things like: giant divides between numbers that look like they're meant to flow together, two universal page numbers that are out of sync, inside-chapter numbers clashing with global numbers.
But I'm pretty sure I've found a way to deal with that without using the Index anyway.
I'm also worried that Adobe's discontinuation of Flash content will fuck with the programs people used to make it with. Like Macromedia Flash 8 and Adobe Animate CC. I use that to draw! It's how my style is maintained!
Luckily, AACC is pretty recent, and can export to HTML5, meaning I'm pretty sure Adobe still wants to keep it around and I'll still be able to get and use it. MF8 on the other hand... I might want to hold on to my copy, just in case.

Last thing. Minecraft Fans has a lot of story, and many stages and functions that still need ironing out, but the drawn project I can't stop thinking about is Crack Putty. I like... really want to get back into that. (I can't yet. Not until I've acquired Adobe Animate and pushed out an early Minecraft Fans phase.) MF has a whole bunch of far future storylines that I've already thought of, and one of them has a really cool trailer I keep imagining. But I keep thinking about the start of Crack Putty Season 2, and now that freaking thing has a trailer as well, despite most of the time having no story, aside from ants. I don't remember why I put this part about Crack Putty here, I'm just gonna keep it. Well, see ya later. I don't know what to say next. I'm gonna go chow down on random bargain bin items and watch Raocow videos.

Year Two March 7: How To Make The First Five Comics

by Hindbodes on 7th Mar 2017, 2:47 PM

While I've been in the two week break from Cobbledump, I've motioned to be working on all the other things that I could be creating and that are actually way better uses of my time, and this webcomic is one of them.

Finally, I have a definitive very-beginning to Minecraft Fans with all the timeframes and introductions sorted out. As of today, the frameworks for none other than the first 5 pages of this comic series have been written. There is now a solid base to get two or more weeks of comics out, when I finally have the resources to draw this thing. I'm hoping and thinking that will be within two months, because the power supply has been screwed into my empty tower, and even though David left I've still got somebody to help me assemble this thing. Although the piece of paper I had listing my full present and future inventory of computer parts has been officially declared Dead. I left it in dad's car and haven't seen it since.
I'll write a new one.

This whole "I'm writing down the bare bones of scripts" thing is pretty exciting for me. It means my idea feels less like an idea and more like a plan, and today the way I approached it made me feel like it's just kind of something that's going to automatically happen by consequence of running out of things to do in a day. So it's likely that tomorrow I'll run out of non-creative things to do and then have five more comic skeletons typed out half an hour after I decide to do something that is creative. All because that's just how it appears to happen now. Nice.

So I've been thinking about the comic-posting schedule a bit. Minecraft had these things called Secret Friday Updates (or Seecret Friday, if you want to get really faithful), where Notch would put random things in the game without really notifying anyone, and back in Alpha that was kind of a big deal. To me it's a big deal, even though I technically don't have legitimate nostalgia for it.
But I can't really use that, because I'm not sure I want to only update on Fridays and updates to my comic every week shouldn't be secret. Overall Minecraft Fans is about Minecraft, but these don't really apply because it's not a game. All that aside, I think I want to update this on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, much unlike Crack Putty which was really loose on its update times. Is two a week enough? It is for me...

I feel pretty bad though. Bad because I've wanted to be drawing webcomics again for what is now a long-ass time and I hardly have anything to show for this gigantic hiatus, and in the mean-time I haven't even been completing anything all that good, I'm mostly just updating frustrationey, mundane shit. Shit that is not comics, and therefore is nowhere near as cool. If I was a great programmer I would have least finished Proto-Square and entertained a fair bunch with that, but I'm not even good enough to remember to use my rubber debuggy or recreate Mario-quality jump physics. I'm getting there...

I also have to give up on my animation Death From Minecraft, and animate something easier and less copyrighted in Flash instead (all unrelated to this comic).

Now if you'll excuse me, I am now required to hand-feed my mice. I've got three more of them.

December 4 of Year One: Ward's Too Slow

by Hindbodes on 4th Dec 2016, 4:47 PM

Whoops. Here I am again, about... Five months later, apparently? For some reason it's really hard to find the date stamps on these posts, but I know it's been a long time since I updated all of you because I can hardly even remember the second post.

If you like following the development of this comic at all, I imagine you're wondering why. Why has work been getting done so slowly on Minecraft Fans? Well, first off, this is NOT because of me orphaning any serials or being unable to get work done indefinitely. I know damn well that I want to continue and start getting comics rolling again, even in 2017 when I purposefully return to making Crack Putty after MF's first "phase". It's not that Minecraft Fans has seen little love from its creator because I can't give it.

It's because of this:

This is my whiteboard. I use this to contain information and reminders of things that came from my head but that I'd rather look at. It also acts as something of a 'conductor' for what tasks I have to complete sooner or later. It's also got plenty of other shit that you can see half cropped-out at the sides. The important thing, however, is those eight rectangles directly under the -=TASKS=- header.
This photo is from right after I cleaned it out, and replaced the six large, ugly rectangles with eight much better smaller ones. Right now, they do contain items, and finally Minecraft Fans is one of them. Last week the six previous rectangles were all full of annoying crap that I was trying to get out of the way, and it was very annoyingly beaurocratic for me (even though I'm the one who is coming up with all the rules). One rectangle was filled with something to the effect of "you must practice Road Code tests". One rectangle was telling me to rifle through my C: drive folder and organize my photographs. Four boxes had somehow found a way to be filled with voids. The purpose of the voids was to use arrows to point and box #1, and make me look at and remember the "ROAD CODE SHIT!!" instead of missing it.

That's how I ended up using my Task Board. The concept of putting things I need to complete on a board is not extremely new to me, and I got the idea from MInecraft. I just didn't expect that I'd end up restricting myself from completing all the major, important projects until stupid things like "mouse blog needs more love" and "edit this Wardhouse video" were completely over with.
No more of that. I'm going back to what really counts. Gigantic creative projects and artwork. All the good stuff I can think of is in the eight new boxes right now, and now I'm only being held back from animating or pencil-sketching by the low amount of space left on my desk.

I have a new tower.
My new upcoming PC that I keep talking about is yet another step closer to finally being built.
When that computer is built, I'm finally going to have Adobe Animate and access to Actionscript 3.
Then I'll be able to draw Ron Curman digitally.

I don't want to draw anybody from Minecraft Fans in Flash yet, because Flash 8 is something I'm gonna have to get used to not using, and Adobe Animate handles differently even in the very basics of drawing things. So what I'll want to do is wait until I have the new program and then see how my human-drawing ends up then.

For now, I'm going to keep doing the basic stuff, writing scripts and sketching things on physical paper, but today I want to see a lot more progress, and draw some character models in a sketchbook to finally get the people "out" of my head.